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Linked to the image above is a flyer describing a professional development opportunity with the Ohio CSTA membership. The professional development will be offered online in the Summer of 2022 through the Ohio University's Regional Programming Center affiliated with the Ohio Cyber Range Institute. CS 5900 is eligible for continuing education units and may fulfil some graduate credit requirements for College Credit Plus certification for teachers. Details are in the attachment and below.

NESS Statathon 2022

Statathon will be held jointly by UConn Statistics Department and New England Statistical Society in the 35th NESS Symposium (May 22, 2022 – May 25, 2022). Statathon is a statistical data science invention marathon. Anyone who has an interest in data science can attend Statathon to approach a real world data science problem, some of which are local, in new and innovative ways. It emphasizes the statistical aspects (insight, interpretation, significance, etc.) of data science problems that are often overlooked in many hackathons.
Who can participate?

Students from universities and high schools can participate. We will not distinguish high school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students among participants.

Do I have to pay to participate?

No. Participation is free for Statathon. We will select five finalist teams from each theme to come and present the day before the 35th NESS symposium.

Will the presentation take place in person?

No. The presentation this year will be completely virtual. We are hoping that this will attract students from all over the world.

What programming language can I use?

You can use any programming language or software packages.

BGSU Looking to build a CSTA Cohort for CS Endorsement Program
If you are considering the endorsement pathway to obtain the Computer Science endorsement and can't find a university who offers the program, I have some good news! We have been contacted by Bowling Green State University about their program: the CS Educator Endorsement program. This program offers certified teachers a supplemental pathway to attain an additional certificate and teach computer science.
This new program has attracted attention from several Ohio teachers already. We have been asked if we could pull together a cohort to start this summer with the hope of possibly getting some financial assistance along the way. To make this possible, they need a cohort of at least 15 teachers. 
Dr. Lan Li has reached out to us to see if there would be enough interest among CSTA Ohio members to possibly recruit a CSTA cohort. If we can gather 15 or more interested teachers, Dr. Li would like to send a message to each about a potential for a tuition discount if they join CSTA and enroll in courses as part of the CSTA cohort. They are already planning to update the endorsement curriculum to address the updated standards. 
An email was sent out recently with an attached flyer with additional information. Please let me (Paula) know of your interest as soon as possible. I am going to compile a list of names and emails to forward to Dr. Li by the end of the month. There is contact information in the flyer if you have questions and want to contact Dr. Li for any clarification.

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